The Sequoia in Turkey Family project

Lindgrens (Dag och Katarina with their extended family spent the last week Dag Lindgren was employed as professor of Forest Genetics and Dags 67 birthday planting Sequoia on several localities in Turkey (last week of September 2009). Dag Lindgren had served exactly 32 years as professor of Forest Genetics at 090930 and was born 420927. The thought was that this would be memories of our extended family living for millennia….

On the professional web, where are two URL and links connecting to this project:  and   These starting points were never well coordinated or edited, start to do it from here, but do not know how successful it will be.

 The idea arose in connection to the low input conference in Antalaya 2006. Seeds donated by Bill Libby at the start of a conference 2006 in Antalya were used to produce plants. Some of the plants were used by us, others were used for a single large plantation. This started as an operation heading for Sequoia plantings at Mount Ararat 2008 with a party of 7, but changed to plantations in the Taurus mountains close to Isparta autumn 2009 on 5+ sites with a party of 9.

·         Here the plantation is presented as a scientific paper

·         Old Trees and old Sequoia__

·         A photo from the planting__A photo show from the planting at facebook (Linnea Lindgren)!/photo.php?pid=2710990&id=659168444 ___an there are also photos at

·         A Document with information and “map” about the plantations  :

·         A link to Bill Libby , who arranged the donation of the seeds. The seed package donated is here:

·         A first itinerary in Turkey  from where another itinerary document can be found.

·         Operations    Sites and operations.  Plantations, Plants, Background for plantings. Tags. Details about the planting operations.

·         A draft manuscript about the plantations 

·         The development of the Sequoia plants.

There appeared some articles in Turkish newspapers about the event

About Konia operations      and Demirel 
The Turkish ministry of Forestry web:

A good wish...:"Here is my original contribution to your retirement rite of passage come October 2009 (but -- this is akin to Cassandra, the soothsayer of the Greek mythology, no one will believe me anyway but here it is when the occasion comes): "Knowledge, as with life, is cyclic rather than linear. Thus we can only hope that our younger colleagues will be humble when choosing what is pertinent and what is stale, what to keep and what to throw away. Take heed. What one perceives as the past can prove to be the future. As a case in point, I offer the relevance of forestry in emerging climate change policy solutions." Claire Williams for my esteemed colleague  Professor Dag Lindgren"

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Besides the sequoia there is other connections with Nebi Bilir, e.g. he got chromosome curtains I inherited from the former professor of Genetics (Åke Gustafsson) who I think got them designed by Xet Eriksson. I gave part of them to Nebi Bilir and part to Finnvid Prescher to carry on the genetic traditions. It was written about them in Turkish newspaper in November 2014.